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About Us

We are a telecommunications company committed to quality, integrity, and excellence. Our founder was a field engineer and network manager on fiber optic networks for many years, learning the industry, getting hands-on experience, and seeing the opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Our team is highly trained and performs work for some of the largest companies nationwide and around the world. We bring the same level of commitment to quality, integrity, and excellence whether working for a large corporation or small company. 


Owens Telecom Services, Inc. has been providing unparalleled service in the telecommunications industry since 1999. We have the personnel, experience, equipment, training, and capabilities to provide the quality of service customers need. The employees at Owens Telecom Services are second to none in the industry. We have experience working on some of the most advanced optical networks in the country. 

Core Values

1. Client Focus: We are committed to listening to your needs and helping you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves in not just getting the job done, but in a job "well done."

2. Integrity and Respect: We value integrity and believe that it is a cornerstone of true success, both personally and corporately. 

3. Quality and Performance: We work to be excellent in all that we do. We have the resources, personnel, experience and expertise to build the quality fiber optic systems that today's networks demand. 

What makes us different than our competition?

We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide the quality results your company demands. We have the ability and expertise to restore emergency cable cuts and hot cuts at a pace that is well above the industry standard.  We have fiber optic testing expertise and capabilities that includes Fiber Characterization (Chromatic Dispersion/Polarization Mode Dispersion).

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