About Us

We are a splicing, testing, and placement company headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee serving customers throughout the U.S. and across the globe. We provide technical services to construct, maintain, and repair fiber optic networks. We have the experience and expertise to ensure our customers superior performance. 


Owens Telecom Services, Inc. has been providing unparalleled service in the telecommunications industry since 1999. We have the personnel, experience, equipment, training, and capabilities to provide the quality of service our customers need. The employees at Owens Telecom Services are second to none in the industry. We have experience working on some of the most advanced optical networks in the country. 

Core Values

1. Client Focus: A lot of people strive for success and companies are no different. We only succeed, when you succeed. We strive to be sensitive and attentive to your needs as a company, and we assure your satisfaction with our work. 

2. Integrity and Respect: We value integrity and believe that it is a cornerstone of true success, both personally and corporately.  Our commitment to you is that we will be honest and respectful in all that we do. 

3. Quality and Performance: We work to be excellent in all that we do.  Quality doesn’t just happen. We have the resources, personnel, experience and expertise to build the quality fiber optic systems that today's networks demand. 

What makes us different than our competition?

As it relates to splicing and testing, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide the quality results your company demands. We have the ability and expertise to restore emergency cable cuts and hot cuts at a pace that is well above the industry standard.  We have fiber optic testing expertise and capability to include Fiber Characterization (Chromatic Dispersion/Polarization Mode Dispersion), that exceeds the capabilities of many Splicing & Testing contractors.  

Past Projects 

Current Projects 

Our Future